Minimizing Risk For Business Owners

If you are preparing to launch your own business or take your existing company to the next level, experienced legal guidance can help you get set up for success. If you are a business owner, having a law firm you can call anytime about a contract issue or other concern is essential.

Are You Starting A Business? Do You Need Skilled, Affordable Legal Counsel?

At Woodley & Dudley, we put more than a century of broad-ranging legal experience to work for clients throughout our part of Texas. Our Comanche and Brownwood-based business lawyers understand the practical and competitive challenges that entrepreneurs face. We know how much every financially significant decision matters.

Formation And Incorporation · Business Contracts And Dispute Resolution

We offer savvy, practical legal guidance and services aligned with our business clients' goals and budgets, including:

  • Comprehensive business startup counsel, including selection of the right entity, incorporation if applicable and necessary government filings
  • Detail-focused representation to assess and complete commercial real estate transactions and other business deals
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of many types of business contracts such as buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, commercial leases and more
  • Thorough analysis and trial-ready advocacy when breach of contract allegations or other business disputes that could lead to litigation arise

We Reward Our Business Clients' Trust Through Knowledge And Diligence

Trust is the essence of any relationship between a business leader and his or her attorney. Our firm has been a go-to resource for many family-owned businesses across multiple generations. Once you form a relationship with Woodley & Dudley, you will always know where to turn with a legal matter, whether business-related, personally important or both.

Our work together can begin with a free consultation at a time and place that works for you. We encourage you to call 325-646-7685 (Brownwood) or 325-356-2502 (Comanche), or contact us online anytime to discuss the immediate or long-term needs of your Central Texas business.