Finding Favorable Custody Solutions

When couples with children divorce, emotions run high. The stress can be tremendous. Anger and intense worry about the future often cloud parents' judgment, especially when they do not understand Texas law or how courts make decisions that affect children.

Addressing Custody And Support Concerns In Or After Divorce · All Levels Of Conflict

At Woodley & Dudley, a longstanding law firm with offices in Comanche and Brownwood, knowledgeable child custody attorneys help protect children's well-being and parents' rights. Not only do we have an in-depth understanding of all relevant laws and workable solutions, attorney Emily Miller is a certified Ad Litem Attorney with extensive experience representing children's interests in complex cases.

We Will Cut Through The Legalese And Help You Make Sound Decisions

Texas family law statutes contain terms such as access, possession orders, sole and joint conservatorship, and others that can be confusing for divorcing parents. Child support calculations and expectations can be troublesome, too. At our firm, you lawyer will explain what you need to know in clear language.

We focus on:

  • Helping mothers and fathers obtain custody orders that make sense for kids and have the best chance of holding up without renewed conflict down the line
  • Ensuring each client we serve receives a fair child support order, understands this obligation and can plan in light of what must be paid or received
  • Addressing sensitive issues such as allegations of child abuse or neglect, a parent's substance abuse or other such concerns with rigor — and with total preparation to take the case through trial if needed
  • Assisting clients in obtaining or defending against a modification of custody, support or other orders necessary due to substantial changes in circumstances

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Whatever child-related issues you are facing as part of or outside of divorce, you can turn to us for a free initial consultation. Call 325-646-7685 (Brownwood) or 325-356-2502 (Comanche), or contact us online now. Se habla español.