What Factors Does Texas Consider When Awarding Child Custody?

When you task the state of Texas with coming up with a custody arrangement over your minor child, the state’s family court system tries to come up with an arrangement that prioritizes the best interests of your child. The state refers to a certain set of factors when making custody-related decisions. While some of these factors might vary based on your child’s age, others apply in virtually all Texas child custody cases.

Per the State Bar of Texas, the state’s family courts often consider the following when deciding who your child should live with and when.

Your Child’s Own Preferences

If your child is old enough and shows enough maturity to voice his or her own thoughts about where to live, the court may consider those wishes and make decisions accordingly.

Your Child’s Physical and Emotional Needs

Courts also consider you and your child’s other parent’s abilities to fulfill your son or daughter’s physical and emotional needs. How much time and attention each parent has given to raising your child and catering to these needs, to date, may factor into child custody decisions.

Your Parental Abilities and Those of Your Ex

How fit each of you are to parent your child may also fall under the microscope in a Texas custody case. If either of you has a history of abusing or neglecting the child at the center of the custody matter, this may hurt custody chances.

While Texas courts often refer to these factors when making custody-related decisions, this is not a complete list of all areas that may hold relevance in a custody case.

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