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The Purpose of a Drug Education Program


Facing drug charges in Texas could impact a person’s life from their relationships to their employment. State requirements for reinstatement of certain rights may vary depending on the seriousness of a person’s actions.

The completion of a certified drug education program can provide invaluable education for people. Understanding the purpose of such a course may help people recognize how it can be of value to them.


According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, while some states encourage participation in a drug education program following a drug offense, its completion is a requirement in the state of Texas. Alternative courses found online do not qualify and even if completed, people cannot have their privileges back. People should verify that the course they enroll in is court-approved.

Once completed, people need to present a certificate of completion to the appropriate authorities. Used in conjunction with other requirements, people may successfully have their privileges back. Failure to complete the course in the designated time period may result in additional consequences and extended loss of privileges.


There is a lot to learn from a drug education program including how drug use affects health, employment, personal relationships, finances, and planning for the future according to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. The course lasts 15 hours and addresses many important topics along with statistics and educational information about the consequences of drug use.

Research suggests that ongoing drug use sets the foundation for uncontrollable behavior and could lead to repeat criminal activity. Throughout the instruction period, participants are also given access to community resources to aid them in recovering and overcoming their drug use.