Motor Vehicle Accidents


Auto accidents are unfortunately common on Central Texas roadways. Some drivers and passengers escape without serious harm, but others must cope with injuries that require extensive medical treatment and a difficult recovery or even change their lives forever. If another driver injured you or a family member, we are here to help.

Proving Fault and Holding Insurers Accountable, so You Can Recover

After any serious car, SUV, motorcycle or truck crash, victims and their families are vulnerable. Trusting the insurance adjuster and negotiating on your own can be very costly mistakes in this traumatic time. If you want to receive every dollar of compensation you deserve, contact Woodley & Dudley as soon as you can.

All Types of Vehicle Accidents and Injuries · Attorneys You Can Trust

When you turn to our law firm, an experienced Brownwood area car accident attorney will hear you out on what happened and investigate as needed to build your case. We are always prepared to:

  • Step in and handle all insurance negotiations, keeping you informed and in control of key decisions while you focus on physical and emotional recovery
  • Bring in qualified experts if fault for the accident or the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life are contested
  • Stand up strong for you in insurance negotiations or take your case through trial if no fair settlement offer is made

The amount of money you receive will likely depend on how much respect your attorney commands and how much effort he or she delivers in preparing your case. Our lawyers are known for their trial work and willing to go the distance. These are essential qualities to look for when you consider hiring a Brownwood area personal injury law firm.

We Represent Accident Victims With Passion and Determination

Whether you believe your accident was caused by drunk driving, distracted driving or any other type of reckless action on the road, call 
(325) 246-3250. You may also email our firm now using our contact form. We respond in emergency situations and will visit you if you can’t come to us.

We will provide a free consultation, and you will pay us no attorney fees unless we take your personal injury case and obtain compensation for you.

  • “Meeting in person was set up to be very comfortable” - Sage Carlisle
  • “Woodley & Dudley has gone above and beyond” - Gabriel Rotramel
  • “Mr. Woodley and his associate Kimberly made the process seamless” - Sarah Dearick