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When You Are Ready To Pull The Trigger Child Support Integrity, Action and Value

Brown County Child Support Lawyer

Experienced Child Support Attorney Serving Brownwood, TX

Child support cases are generally not as contentious as those regarding child custody, as Texas has issued statutory guidelines for the judges to follow when calculating support payments. The judges determine the income of the parties, and the formula then determines the support that should be paid in each case.

While this seems like it should be easy to apply, there are often disagreements between the parties regarding the amount of income that should be included under the guidelines. Some parents may even try to conceal or underreport what they are making in an effort to avoid paying higher support payments.

Whether you need assistance obtaining a support award or need help contesting a request for support, the experienced family law attorneys at Woodley & Dudley are here to help. Our skilled Brown County child custody lawyers have handled a number of these cases from each side, and know what is necessary to present a compelling case that helps you advance your interests.

To speak with an experienced Brown County child support attorney, give us a call at (325) 246-3250 or contact us online today.

Understanding Child Support Laws in Texas

When it comes to child support, it's important to have a clear understanding of the laws and regulations in Texas. Our team of Brown County child support lawyers here at Woodley & Dudley is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of child support issues.

Some key points to keep in mind about child support in Texas include:

  • Calculating child support payments based on income and number of children
  • Modifying child support orders when circumstances change
  • Enforcing child support orders if the other parent fails to pay
  • Understanding the impact of child custody arrangements on child support

Our experienced Brown County child support attorneys can provide the guidance and support you need to ensure that your child's best interests are protected. Whether you're seeking to establish, modify, or enforce a child support order, Woodley & Dudley is here to help.

How Our Brown County Child Support Attorneys Can Help

Our lawyers work with financial experts to determine the appropriate incomes of the parties. We then evaluate other factors that may impact child support payments, such as the amount of time the parents receive with the kids, to help better understand the potential amount of child support that may be necessary in each case.

Additionally, our Brown County child support attorneys also offer assistance in cases where you may need to revisit a previous support award. If there has been a major change in circumstances of one of the parents, such as a new job, it may be possible to modify the existing order.

To speak with an experienced Brown County child support attorney, give us a call at (325) 246-3250 or contact us online today.

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