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Your Options After A Loved One's Conviction


When a loved one is convicted of a crime and sentenced to a Texas jail or prison, family members are often left with many unanswered questions. If your son, daughter, sibling or other family member is currently incarcerated, and you believe that mistakes were made in his or her case that may have affected the outcome and led to a conviction, it’s important to reach out to a criminal defense attorney at Woodley & Dudley as soon as possible.

If legal errors led to your loved one’s conviction of a crime, you may be able to appeal the lower court’s decision to a higher or appellate court. When successful, an appeal can result in a lower court’s conviction being dismissed, a new trial or an amended sentence.

When Legal Errors Lead to a Conviction

If, after reviewing your loved one’s case and all related evidence, we believe that an appeal is warranted, we’ll prepare and file a notice of appeal and corresponding brief. Legal errors that may constitute an appeal can relate to either a conviction or a sentence and may include:

  • Miscalculation of sentencing terms
  • Improper admission of evidence
  • Improper admission of testimony
  • Discretionary abuses
  • Procedural errors
  • Attorney misconduct

Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding an appeal and the complexity of the case, the appeals process can take months. Throughout the process there are strict deadlines, rules and procedures that must be closely followed. At every step, we will keep you and your loved one updated about the case’s progress and your rights and options.

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We are committed to fighting for justice for our clients. To speak with a lawyer about appealing a conviction or sentence, call our office at (325) 246-3250. You can also contact us by email to arrange your free consultation.

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