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Helping You Defend Against DWI Charges


We all know how aggressive law enforcement is when it comes to DWI. With so many resources dedicated to removing impaired drivers from the roadways, it is not uncommon for a motorist to be facing DWI charges.

At Woodley & Dudley, we can help you or your loved one defend against these serious accusations. Our lawyers have decades of experience handling DWI cases throughout Central Texas. We are committed to working together with you throughout all stages of your DWI case.

Comprehensive DWI Representation

We have defended many motorists who have found themselves in the same situation that you are now. We take aggressive action to build a strong case that protects your license. Some of the things that we assist with in DWI cases include:

  • Reviewing the facts of the arrest to determine if the officer acted appropriately throughout the stop
  • Analyzing the Breathalyzer to see if it is in proper working order
  • Checking the officer’s qualifications to ensure that he or she is able to use the Breathalyzer in the correct manner
  • Working with you in the administrative license suspension hearing to help you protect your license
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to help you reduce or lessen the charges you are facing
  • Trying your case in the event we cannot find a deal that protects your best interests

With DWI charges, it is important to understand that there may be more consequences to your life than simply the criminal penalties that apply in the event of a conviction. You will face increased insurance costs. You will have to pay additional fees in order to regain your license. You could lose your job if you are required to have a clean driving record.

Before you make any decisions about your future, take the time to talk to one of our attorneys about the options that are realistically available to you. We will work together with you to arrive at a strategy focused on your specific goals in your case.

Trust A Legal Team That Will Help You Protect Your Driving Privileges

Our lawyers will help you build a strong defense to fight back against DWI charges. To schedule your free consultation, call (325) 641-9001 in Brownwood or (325) 356-2502 in Comanche, or contact us to arrange your appointment.