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Representation In Parole Hearings


People make mistakes. Things happen that sometimes result in good people having to serve time in jail or prison. This is something that has impacted many families across Texas, and it can be hard when a loved one is separated from you for such a long time. When the opportunity arrives to perhaps receive parole, it is important that you understand exactly what you need to do to improve your chances of release.

At Woodley & Dudley, our experienced criminal defense attorneys provide knowledgeable assistance to individuals who are seeking parole. Our goal is to first understand if parole may be possible or likely in your case, and then discuss what we can do to help you make that possible. We prepare a detailed overview of the strengths of your case to help you obtain your release.

How We Can Help With Texas Parole

We help with all aspects of the parole process, including:

  • Preparing a comprehensive report to state why your parole should be granted
  • Helping you identify potential employment or educational opportunities available to you if released to include in your parole request
  • Working with you to find family members, friends and others who may offer letters or statements of support for your parole
  • Appearing at the hearing to help you advance your case

Success at these hearings depends on many factors, but extensive preparation will go a long way toward helping you obtain your release. Our parole lawyers have been appointed by the state to take on many of these cases recently, and we understand the necessary detail required to achieve results for our clients.

Learn More About What We Can Do to Help You Obtain Your Freedom

Our Texas parole attorneys invite you to reach out to us to learn more about the steps that we can take to assist you with your parole hearing. To schedule your free consultation, call (325) 246-3250, or contact us to arrange your appointment.

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