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When You Are Ready To Pull The Trigger Child Custody Integrity, Action and Value

Brown County Child Custody Lawyers

Working Toward Favorable Custody Resolutions

When couples with children divorce, emotions run high. The stress can be tremendous. Anger and intense worry about the future often cloud parents’ judgment, especially when they do not understand Texas law or how courts make decisions that affect children.

At Woodley & Dudley, our child custody attorneys in Brown County know the intense stress that you are under when facing a child custody dispute. While it may seem like your family is breaking apart, we want you to know that you will still be actively involved in your child’s life. Not only do we have an in-depth understanding of all relevant laws and workable solutions.

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Finding Agreements That Last

We approach these cases with the care and compassion that you should expect from your law firm. We genuinely want to help you and your family find workable solutions to these difficult problems. 

Some of the issues that we assist with in these cases include:

  • Discussing the “big picture” items such as who will be involved in making major decisions for the child
  • Resolving questions concerning child support, including expenses related to child care, health insurance, as well as educational expenses, and college tuition
  • Parenting time schedules, including who will be able to spend time with the child during important events
  • Determining a method of addressing conflicts that may arise to prevent them from impacting the child

We make every effort to work together with the other side to try to keep the dispute as stress-free as possible. Agreements that result from the extensive cooperation of both parents often are much better for the children.

We know, however, that sometimes your co-parent will do everything in his or her ability to make this case impossible to resolve. In the event that this is happening to you, we are ready for trial from day one. We are not afraid to fight for what we believe in, and will do everything we can to help you achieve a positive result.

Dedicated to Your Custody Case

Our Brown County child custody attorneys want to help you find the right answers for your case. 

To schedule your consultation, call us today at (325) 246-3250. You may also contact us by email to arrange your appointment.

Our Satisfied Clients

  • “Would highly recommend Woodley and Dudley”
    I have personally used, as well as referred clients, to Judson for a variety of matters. Would highly recommend Woodley and Dudley.
    - Chase Yarborough
  • “Mr. Woodley and his associate Kimberly made the process seamless”
    You absolutely cannot go wrong choosing Woodley and Dudley to represent you. We chose Jud Woodley from recommendations of friends who had also used him for a family matter of their own, and it did not disappoint. Mr. Woodley and his associate Kimberly made the process seamless and were happy to answer any questions/concerns that arose. They were timely in the necessary things and their responses to questions. We will absolutely be using Mr. Woodley for any further needs that arise.
    - Sarah Dearick
  • “If I could suggest any law firm hands down the best.”
    “The Law firm of Woodley & Dudley are the most caring, hard-working for an experience when you need them!”
    - Rhonda A.
  • “Highly recommend Woodley/Dudley”
    Highly recommend Woodley/Dudley. Judson has been attentive, thorough, and tenacious every time I've needed legal guidance. Have pointed several friends his direction and all have been extremely pleased with the way he's provided guidance and representation. You aren't just another paycheck to Judson, you're someone he will fight for.
    - Justin Bates
  • “Highly Recommended!”
    “Jud Woodley's ability and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking competent representation in criminal law matters in Texas!”
    - Leslie
  • “Judson and the staff have always been friendly, thorough and professional”
    I have used Woodley and Dudley for personal and business legal matters. Judson and the staff have always been friendly, thorough and professional in every manner.
    - Gary Bear
  • “Jud Woodley & his paralegal, Kim, are phenomenal to work with”
    Jud Woodley & his paralegal, Kim, are phenomenal to work with! I would (and do) highly recommend them if you are needing legal services especially related to criminal, family, and personal injury cases!
    - Bridget Mazurek
  • “Woodley & Dudley has gone above and beyond”
    I chose 5 stars because Woodley & Dudley has gone above and beyond to protect and represent my family. I have used them twice and both times Mr Woodley and his amazing staff kept me informed along the process. My case was difficult and the results were far greater than I had hoped for. I highly recommend them !
    - Gabriel Rotramel