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Achieve Your Divorce Goals


Marriages break down for many reasons, ranging from conflict over money and children’s upbringing to lack of communication, infidelity and abuse. The one certainty when couples divorce is that life will change in major ways for everyone involved. As you make decisions that will impact you for years to come, you must have clear, reliable legal advice.

Decades Of Experience Addressing And Resolving Family Law Disputes

Whether you believe you and your spouse can reach an agreement on all key issues or know you are in for a tough legal battle, a call to the law firm of Woodley & Dudley is the right call. Our Brownwood area divorce attorneys will take the time to understand what matters most to you. With decades of experience handling all types of complex family law matters, we will help you find the best approach and protect your interests every step of the way.

Attorneys For Property Division, Custody And Other Contested Issues

While having reliable information about Texas laws and a good strategy can help reduce conflict, some divorces require fierce advocacy. We are tough, dynamic negotiators and proven trial lawyers prepared to fight for the outcomes you deserve in matters such as:

  • All aspects of child custody, parenting time and child support — whether you believe a joint custody arrangement will be in your children’s best interests, want to obtain sole custody or are seeking fair, reasonable parenting time
  • Achieving a fair division of marital property, assets and debts — including protection of an inheritance or other assets that are separate by law and belong solely to you
  • Establishing whether spousal support (alimony) should be awarded in your case and, if so, how much and for how long

Making compromises without consulting a qualified lawyer is a mistake that many people regret. Trying to complete a “do-it-yourself” divorce is another mistake. In this pivotal time, we encourage you to talk to one of our experienced professionals about what we can do to help with your case.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

We look forward to helping you find the right choice for your situation. To schedule your appointment, call (325) 641-9001 in Brownwood or (325) 356-2502 in Comanche, or contact us by email.