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How can I prepare for a home study?

A home study is an important part of the adoption process. This is where the adoptive parents are assessed to ensure they offer a safe and loving environment to the child in need. While it can be a bit intimidating, Adoption.org offers the following tips to help you prepare.

The first step is to understand what occurs during the home study. You and your spouse will be interviewed several times by a social worker, who will also visit your home. The social worker will ask questions about things like parenting and discipline style, previous family history, along with many other aspects of your life. Your financial history will also be checked, and other background checks will be performed to determine if you have a criminal history.

What should I know when traveling with prescription drugs?

With summer just around the corner, people in Texas are gearing up for vacations that may take them across the country or even around the world. If you take prescription medications on a regular basis, you probably have concerns about taking these drugs with you, especially when it comes to legal issues. To ensure you remain in compliance with laws and restrictions, TripSavvy.com offers the following advice.

Storing your medication during travel is an important consideration. Even if you normally use a pill dispenser or other storage method for convenience, be sure to store your drugs in the prescription container the medication was originally provided in. This shows that you’re the rightful owner of the medicine, as well as providing contact information for your doctor. Also, keep medication in your carry-on bag for easy access.

What is a Standard Possession Order?

If you have children, but you and your Texas spouse are thinking about getting a divorce, likely one of your main concerns is how much parenting time you will have with your children after the divorce. Assuming you and your spouse can agree on a parenting time plan, you can structure it basically however you wish. If you cannot agree, however, the Texas Family Code has what is called a Standard Possession Order that acts as the default parenting plan in such situations.

This SPO contains within it a detailed parenting time schedule to which you and your then ex-spouse must abide. The whole idea is to give both your children’s custodial and noncustodial parent as much parenting time as possible, but to do this in a structured way. The SPO contains two schedules, one for if you and your ex-spouse live 100 or fewer miles apart from each other, and the other for if the two of you live more than 100 miles apart.

The definition of uncontested divorce

Texan couples who have decided to get a divorce will be looking at two distinct categories that their divorce could fall under: contested and uncontested. To be considered an uncontested divorce, it must hit certain criteria that can be somewhat difficult for many couples to achieve.

However, we will first take a look at contested divorces. FindLaw states that contested divorces are ones in which both of the people involved have one or more areas of disagreement regarding their split that the court will need to mediate. These areas can include:

  • Child or spousal support
  • Child custody or visitation rights
  • Debt division
  • Property division
  • How to pay the attorney costs

How much does a Texas DWI raise your auto insurance rates?

As someone currently dealing with the aftermath of receiving a driving while intoxicated charge, you may try to determine just how much of an impact your action may have on your life, should a judge or jury convict you. You may, for example, face substance abuse requirements, steep fines and even time behind bars, among other possible penalties. Those are just the ones that may come directly from the justice system.

In addition to the criminal penalties associated with a Texas DWI, Insure.com reports that your conviction will also undoubtedly have a significant impact on how much you must pay for auto insurance coverage once you get your license back. While any increase in insurance rates can prove tough to manage, an insurance rate hike can prove particularly troubling after a DWI conviction because you also have to worry about how to pay for fines and similar expenses related to your charge. So, just how much may your auto insurance obligations change in the wake of a Texas DWI?

Tips for relocating your children during your divorce

When you are getting divorced and realize that the end of your marriage is going to require you to relocate with your children, it can be unsettling to think about the future and how to help your children adjust to such a sudden and drastic change. At Woodley & Dudley Lawyers, we have helped many people in Texas who are dealing with the consequences of divorce. 

Your children will already be shaken when they discover that you and your spouse will no longer be living together or parenting together. Regardless of the ages of your children, the news you share will be difficult to process. Your children will each respond differently based off of their relationships with their parents, their ages and their personalities. Managing their emotions and helping them to cope with such dramatic changes will require patience and determination. 

How can I help my family adjust to adoption?

Adopting an older child in Texas is a very serious decision to make, and once the adoption is approved challenges still remain. For instance, some families have difficulty integrating a new child into their home, which can be a sensitive process for all involved. In this case, Live About offers the following advice to help families and kids adjust.

Establish the same rules for all

Can a felony conviction prevent you from adopting in Texas?

If you hope to adopt a child in Texas, you must meet several eligibility requirements. One such requirement is the passage of a criminal background check. According to ChildWellfare.gov, a prospective adoptive or foster parent and all others who plan to reside in the home with an adoptive or foster child must submit to and clear a background check.

The site details what the background check may entail. At the most basic level, the check will include a name-based criminal history check of you and other applicants. The purpose of this is to uncover any criminal convictions you may have in Texas. The check will also involve a fingerprint-based criminal history check, a central registry check and an out-of-state central registry check. The purpose of the latter is to see if you or other applicants have any convictions outside of the state.

What are the tax benefits of adoption?

When you adopt in Texas, your mind is probably on the new addition to your family. You may prepare a room and prepare your family to welcome a new member. One thing you may not think about is how the adoption impacts your taxes. However, the IRS explains there are actually some tax benefits to adopting a child.

You may qualify for credits for expenses related to the adoption. If you get assistance from your employer, that money may also be exempt from taxation. Of course, the adoption and the child must qualify under IRS rules. For example, if you adopt a stepchild, it does not qualify, but if you have a same-sex domestic partnership, adopting your partner's child does qualify.

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