Termination Of Parental Rights


Many parents face challenges when raising a child. There are situations where you may not know what to do. You may not understand that what you think is the right thing to do is actually something that can expose you to potentially severe consequences from the state. This could include the loss of your parental rights.

The lawyers at Woodley & Dudley are here to help you remain an important part of your child’s life. We have worked with countless families who have faced the prospect of being torn apart by the system. We are here to ensure that you have an opportunity to tell your story before losing your kids.

Comprehensive Representation at Each Step of the Process

In these cases, the Texas Department of Child Protective Services (CPS) will begin an investigation into your case to determine if you are placing your children at risk. They are looking for potential signs of abuse, neglect or endangerment. This can include actions such as:

  • Physical or sexual abuse of the child
  • Failing to provide clothing or shelter for the child
  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Domestic violence in the home

Any signs of these types of behaviors may give investigators enough of a reason to seek the removal of your children and the termination of your parental rights. Additionally, this may also then expose you to criminal charges for the acts you are alleged to have performed.

Our attorneys will help you carefully review your case to determine the best approach to take in your situation. We will work with you to find you the help you need to deal with the underlying issues causing these problems. We will allow you to get the time you need to show that you are capable of providing a safe and loving home for your child.

We Can Help You With Your CPS Case

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