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When You Are Ready To Pull The Trigger Drug Possession Integrity, Action and Value

Brown County Drug Possession Lawyers

Tenacious Defense Against Possession & Distribution Charges in Texas

If you are charged with any drug offense in Texas or want to help a family member through this situation, you must hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Whether the drug involved is methamphetamine, marijuana, or another controlled substance, no one should underestimate the consequences of a conviction. 

At Woodley & Dudley, our drug possession attorneys in Brown County are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to fighting for our clients’ futures. That means we stand always ready to go to trial. Attorneys at our firm are in court virtually every working day. Even if your case does not go to trial, the outcome will likely hinge on how the prosecutor views your lawyer’s skills and willingness to go the distance. 

Are you facing a possession charge in Texas? Call Woodley & Dudley today at (325) 246-3250 or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our drug possession attorneys in Brown County!

Drug Possession Cases We Handle

We are prepared to represent you in any criminal case, confronting charges such as:

  • Possession of a controlled substance (PCS) such as methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy, or a prescription drug such as hydrocodone (OxyContin) or Xanax
  • Delivery, intent to distribute or manufacture of any illegal or unlawfully obtained drug
  • Other criminal charges sometimes faced by accused drug offenders, such as DWI and theft or other property crimes

Our Brown County drug possession attorneys never accept the first plea agreement without thoroughly assessing the case and our clients’ needs. If you were wrongfully accused or your rights were violated, we will be determined to prove exactly that

Drug Possession Laws in Texas

Drug possession laws in Texas prohibit the possession, sale, manufacture, and distribution of certain types of drugs. The laws are set out in the Texas Controlled Substances Act, which categorizes drugs into four penalty groups based on their potential for abuse and medical use. The four penalty groups are:

  • Penalty Group 1: This group includes cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.
  • Penalty Group 1-A: This group includes LSD and other hallucinogens.
  • Penalty Group 2: This group includes drugs such as PCP, ecstasy, and mescaline.
  • Penalty Group 3: This group includes drugs such as Xanax, Valium, and Ritalin.
  • Penalty Group 4: This group includes drugs such as codeine and opium.

If you are facing drug possession charges in Texas, you must work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you understand your legal options and build a strong defense.

Drug Possession Charges in Texas

In Texas, a person can face several different types of drug possession charges, each with its own set of penalties and potential consequences. Here are some of the most common types of drug possession charges:

  • Simple possession: This is the most common drug possession charge in Texas. It refers to possessing a small amount of a controlled substance for personal use. 
  • Possession with intent to distribute: This charge is more serious than simple possession and applies when a person is caught with more drugs than would typically be used for personal use. The prosecution must prove that the person intended to sell or distribute the drugs. 
  • Drug trafficking: This is the most severe drug possession charge in Texas and involves transporting, distributing, or selling large quantities of drugs. 
  • Prescription drug offenses: It is illegal to possess prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you or sell or distribute them without a valid prescription. 

What are the Penalties for Drug Possession?

The penalties for drug possession in Texas can vary depending on several factors, including the type and amount of drug involved, any prior criminal history, and other case circumstances. Here is a general overview of the potential penalties for drug possession in Texas:

  • Simple possession: Possession of a small amount of drugs for personal use is typically charged as a misdemeanor offense in Texas. The penalties can include up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.
  • Possession with intent to distribute: This charge is typically classified as a felony offense in Texas, and the penalties can be severe. The potential consequences can include a prison sentence of up to 99 years, fines of up to $250,000, and other collateral consequences, such as a criminal record that can impact future employment opportunities.
  • Drug trafficking: Trafficking large quantities of drugs is a severe offense in Texas, and the penalties can be extremely severe. The potential consequences can include a sentence of up to life in prison, fines of up to $250,000, and other collateral consequences.
  • Prescription drug offenses: Possessing prescription drugs without a valid prescription, or selling or distributing prescription drugs without authorization, can result in significant penalties, including jail time and fines.

Is Meth a Felony in Texas?

In Texas, meth possession is a felony charge even when someone is alleged to have possessed less than one gram — even a trace amount. Any greater amount and the penalties can reach 10 years or much longer in prison, along with a $10,000 fine. 

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If you are facing drug possession charges in Brown County, it's important to remember that you have legal rights and options. The consequences of a drug possession conviction can be severe and long-lasting, so it's critical to have an experienced legal team on your side. At Woodley & Dudley, our Brown County drug possession lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the legal system and build a strong defense. We understand the complexities of drug possession cases and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and future. 

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