Mixed Drinks and Drunk Driving Charges

During the holiday season, it is very important to exhibit caution if you drink alcohol at a gathering and have to drive later. Sometimes, drivers unexpectedly find themselves facing serious charges for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, even if they did not realize that their blood alcohol content level exceeded the legal limit. For some people, mixed drinks can increase the likelihood of these challenges arising.

It is important to realize that drunk driving charges can lead to harsh penalties, not only from a legal standpoint but also with regard to your personal and professional life.

Mixed Drinks, Drunk Driving and Your BAC Level

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that drivers become legally intoxicated when their BAC level hits 0.08%. However, it is illegal to drive with any level of alcohol that affects your driving abilities. Moreover, drivers under the age of 21 cannot legally drive with any amount of alcohol in their system.

Sometimes, it is easy for drivers to recognize how much alcohol they have consumed. However, some people do not realize how much alcohol is in mixed drinks. For example, you could drink more alcohol than you realize after having a cocktail at a party. Moreover, some people consume mixed drinks without knowing that the drink contains alcohol, which can lead to drunk driving charges.

The Consequences of Drunk Driving Charges

Aside from the loss of driving privileges, fines and even time behind bars, you could lose your job or struggle to find work due to a drunk driving case. If you have found yourself facing these allegations, you need to go over strategies to safeguard your future.

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