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Staying Safe From Misusing Social Media During Your Divorce


The challenges of divorce may tempt you to air your frustrations to anyone who will listen. Social media makes information sharing easier than ever before. However, oversharing the details of your circumstances can have detrimental effects on your life.

When you understand how to appropriately and responsibly use social media, you can better protect yourself and your dignity.

Post With Caution

As soon as you know for certain that you will divorce, immediately change the passwords for your social media accounts. If you have a public profile, consider making it private. At the very least, monitor your settings to determine that private information remains confidential.

When you do choose to share content, use caution in deciding what to post. The courts could potentially use anything you say on social media, in emails and even in text messages against you. According to Microsoft, also pay attention to the background of your photos. Make sure to remove anything that others may view as incriminating.


Even though you may feel upset with your soon-to-be-ex, your decision to talk trash on social media can hurt you just as badly. You may become debilitatingly distracted with the responses to your posts. You may get involved in heated disagreements regarding what you share. Your reputation may take a hit. In serious cases, particularly if you share misinformation, you could even jeopardize your divorce settlement.

An attorney can help you stay in line so you can prevent regret. Your decision to remain poised and focused on a resolution can help you avoid embarrassment. Keeping your integrity may open the door to opportunities for an exciting future ahead.