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Common Adoption Myths


Adoption is a complex process. The placing of a child into a home of someone other than the parents puts a huge burden on the State of Texas. If something were to go wrong, it often falls to the state to handle the fallout. Because of this, the state takes its responsibility seriously, which results in a complex process. However, there are some myths about adoption that have led to people avoiding the process, which only hurts the children involved in the end.

According to Adoptive Families, one of the harmful myths that is commonly bantered about is that adoption takes years. This is not true at all. Most adoptions are completed in less than a year. Another issue is that people think only perfect families can adopt. You may think you have to be rich and live in a huge home with a loving spouse. This is also untrue because adoption is about finding a loving family and that is it. As long as you can provide for the child, you do not need to have a lot of money, a big home or even be married.

Show Hope explains further that many people think adopting in the U.S. is too hard and it is easier to do so in another country. Again, this is a damaging myth. It is actually much easier to adopt here in the U.S. than to embark on an international adoption.

Another common myth, which especially keeps people from adopting, is that the birth parents can later decide they want the child back. The truth is that when the adoption is finalized, all parental rights have been terminated, so you become the child’s legal parent.

This information is for education and is not legal advice.