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What Can I Expect During a Custody Hearing?


Making decisions about child custody is one of the most stressful aspects of a divorce. This is especially true when one spouse is applying for sole custody, which means both parties will have to make a strong case to the court to secure the custody arrangement they prefer. Here are some things you can expect when attending a child custody hearing so you can be prepared when the time comes.

You’ll be asked questions

It’s the duty of the court to make the best possible decisions on behalf of kids involved in custody battles. In this case, both parents will be asked questions to determine their parental fitness. These questions can include where your child will sleep when at your home, your plans for your child after school, and who will take care of your child after work. Work with your attorney on question and answer sessions so you’re fully prepared to answer any queries in court in custody court.

You can select witnesses to speak on your behalf

You want to establish your parenting ability in court. Doing so often requires having a witness come and speak to your parental fitnesses. Witnesses can be anyone capable of attesting to your abilities as a parent, such as a teacher, a daycare worker, or even a nanny who spends ample time with your child. These people will be able to shed light on your parental ability, as well as refute claims made by your ex-spouse.

You should present yourself well

Any time you attend court you should present a put-together appearance. This entails wearing the appropriate clothing, including business casual dress, closed-toed shoes, and a respectable hairstyle to suit the court proceedings. While your physical appearance has little to do with your fitness as a parent, it will be considered by the court when making custody decisions.