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3 Tips for Communicating With Your Co-parent


Getting a divorce can change your life on many different levels. And if you have children, your decision to end your marriage can also affect their lives.

In 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 630,505 couples in the U.S. divorced or annulled their marriages, and of those with children, many likely decided to co-parent. If you and your ex will share parenting responsibilities after your divorce, these tips can help you improve cooperation and communication.

1. Set up a Predictable Schedule

Schedule a time where you will talk to your co-parent about your children and their upcoming schedules. You should also figure out what method of communication will work best, whether this is through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, text messages or emails.

2. Communicate Important Events Quickly

After your divorce, you may want to withhold information from your ex due to remaining feelings of resentment, anger or disappointment. Refrain from doing this and let your co-parent know about any major developments with your children as quickly as possible.

3. Treat the Relationship Professionally

View the relationship you have with your ex as a business relationship that you must make work to reach a common goal. Keep your conversations focused on your children and avoid talking about personal matters.

It can take time to get used to sharing parenting time with your ex after you get divorced. Try to maintain a positive attitude and focus on the aspects of parenting you can control with this new relationship.