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What Should I Know When Traveling With Prescription Drugs?


With summer just around the corner, people in Texas are gearing up for vacations that may take them across the country or even around the world. If you take prescription medications on a regular basis, you probably have concerns about taking these drugs with you, especially when it comes to legal issues. To ensure you remain in compliance with laws and restrictions, offers the following advice.

Storing your medication during travel is an important consideration. Even if you normally use a pill dispenser or other storage method for convenience, be sure to store your drugs in the prescription container the medication was originally provided in. This shows that you’re the rightful owner of the medicine, as well as providing contact information for your doctor. Also, keep medication in your carry-on bag for easy access.

If you’re still concerned, ask your doctor for further documentation. This can include a written prescription, as well as a copy of your medical records describing conditions and subsequent treatments. You can also take only the number of your medical clinic and pharmacy for further proof. While you might not need all of this information, having it on-hand can be reassuring.

If you’re traveling to another country, take a moment to research drug laws there. Some medications are illegal in some countries, despite your prescription. You may also need to fill out certain forms and documents, especially when it comes to the importation medical equipment. As a part of your trip planning process, make sure you understand what is and is not permissible, as well as what’s required of you when bringing medicines into another country.