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Signs You Are Headed for a Divorce


All couples go through hard times, and many of them are able to work through the conflicts and differences. However, some spouses in Texas either ignore problems in the marriage or are unable to identify the specific problem. It may help to understand some key predictors of divorce so the couple can take action before things get too bad.

According to PsychCentral, there are four main divorce predictors that marriage therapists identify. These are:

  • Contempt – This is the gravest issue, and it is nonverbal behavior that involves psychologically abusing the other partner. Some signs include using hurtful sarcasm, rolling the eyes, mocking the other and sneering.
  • Stonewalling – This behavior shows in the form of withdrawing either emotionally or physically. Some may think they are avoiding conflict, but it sends a message of disapproval, smugness or disconnection.
  • Criticism – This occurs when one spouse attacks the other’s character. This behavior leads to defensiveness and lowered self-esteem.
  • Defensiveness – This can take many forms such as whining, acting like a victim, counter complaining, making excuses and yes-butting.

Couples need to identify these major signs and change their behavior toward each other before things get out of control.

Live About discusses some other signs the marriage may soon be over. A big one is that communication ceases. Whether this is due to a lack of trust or because the other spouse does not want to talk about any problems, this is a major issue. It is also not healthy when one spouse regularly pictures life without the other one. A couple must also seek help if the bad times largely outweigh the good.