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How Can I Co-parent Successfully?


In the modern divorce courtroom, co-parenting is by far the most popular option for parenting after divorce. In the past, it was more likely that the children would end up with the mother as the primary custodian after divorce, but modern views have taken a different turn. Co-parenting is intended to allow the child to interact equally with both of his or her parents, even if the parents are no longer cohabitating. There are many positives to co-parenting, but it is a situation that needs to be handled delicately. According to Healthline, it is imperative that you engage in self-care in order to be the best co-parent possible

Namely, it is not unusual to harbor negative feelings toward your ex-spouse. Unfortunately, in order to have a successful co-parenting relationship, you will need to develop ways to cope with these negative feelings. The best thing is to talk through the situation with trusted friends, family members, and mental health professionals. You should absolutely not air any negative feelings about your ex-spouse in front of your children, even if they are older teenagers. 

Having a routine around parenting the children is going to help immensely. Once everybody, including the children, understands what to expect when, then the process becomes far less emotional. It is also important for you and your ex-spouse to agree on ground rules that stay consistent no matter where the children are at the time. If one parent enforces bedtimes and the other does not, this can cause strife. 

Parenting can be difficult, but co-parenting is even harder. Taking care of yourself is very important to ensure that you can take care of your kids.