How Is Your Child Handling Your Divorce?

Divorce is an extremely stressful thing for anyone in Texas to go through, and it can tax your ability to pay attention to other important things in your life. One of the most important things for you to keep track of through this process is also one of the people who are most affected by divorce: your child. 

Many children experience grief and anger when they live through the separation of their parents. It is important for you to be there for your child to help them to work through the emotions they are feeling, even if you already feel taxed. Understanding what your child is going through can help you to better fulfill their needs during such a trying time. 

Physical ailments 

Stress manifests in a physical form much of the time. Texas Wesleyan University points out that one way this can manifest is through headaches or stomach problems. Studies have also shown a correlation between kids going through divorces and developing eating disorders. 


Unfortunately, even though a divorce is between the parents, children often feel they are involved. In the worst cases, your child may even believe that he or she is the cause of your divorce. It is important to reiterate whenever it gets brought up that the divorce is not your child’s fault. 

Behavioral issues 

Do not be surprised if your child starts behaving differently and even in a way that may be problematic. For younger children, this may appear as reverting to infant behavior like thumb-sucking. 

Older children may start to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Sometimes kids will have issues in school, either with their grades or with getting along with others. It is important to not judge your child and instead be there to support him or her. 

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