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What Are Signs You Have a Drug Addiction?


Before you can seek help for drug addiction, you need to understand that what is happening with you is an addiction. If you cannot accept that you have a problem, it will be incredibly difficult to fix things.

WebMD explains that facing drug charges is a good sign that you have an addiction. You likely did not want to end up accused of a crime, but due to your substance abuse, it happened. This is a consequence that you were unable to prevent because of the hold the substance has over you. Many of the signs of addiction are things that make you feel out of control and that lead to bad stuff happening to you.


The obvious signs of drug addiction are continuing to use a substance even though you want to stop or continuing to use a drug after you no longer need it for medical reasons. You may justify your use in many ways, but you know these are excuses.

If you need to increase your use to get the same feeling from a drug, then this is also a sign of addiction. You may also start to feel physical symptoms if you do not use the substance. You also may think about the substance or using a lot and be unable to control these thoughts.

Other obvious signs include stealing to afford to buy more drugs, using drugs, and driving and you mix drugs and alcohol.


Some signs may not be something you notice right away. You may need other people to point these things out to you. These include changes in the relationships you have with others and trouble doing regular daily activities. You may also lose interest in things that once were a big part of your life and become more secretive.