Preparing for Child Support Payments During Divorce

If you are getting a divorce, you likely have a number of concerns and many questions. Often, divorce raises a lot of uncertainty, and it is pivotal to do your best to prepare. If you have kids, additional issues could come up, such as child custody and child support. You need to go over various issues if you expect to owe child support payments.

If you fall behind on child support, you could face harsh penalties. Make sure you understand factors that courts go over when it comes to calculating child support and review different ways you can make payments.

Paying Child Support in Texas

Many parents have support withheld by their employers, but some parents have to find other ways to pay child support. Sometimes, income withholding orders do not take effect right away, while other parents (such as self-employed workers) do not have such an order in place. According to the Attorney General of Texas, you can make child support payments via credit card, debit card, cash or money order. You can also set up a bank auto draft, mail a payment or pay at a number of kiosks across the state.

Other Child Support Issues to Consider

You should note that certain payment methods come with fees and it can take some time for the state to process payments. Falling behind on child support can lead to harsh penalties, such as losing your license and contempt of court charges. If you struggle to pay support due to significant changes in your life, you might have the ability to modify your child support order.

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