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What Should You Know About Open Carry in Texas?


Texas is one of the states where you may openly carry a handgun in a public place, barring a few restrictions. According to USA Carry, you still need to have a Concealed Handgun License in order to have a firearm with you, whether it is openly carried or concealed. Even with such a license, it still behooves you to know where and when you are allowed to make use of it.

Where you cannot carry a handgun

There are certain places where you cannot carry a firearm, even with the license. You cannot bring your weapon to any government meetings, nor to any churches or places of worship. Amusement parks are also off limits.

You are also not allowed to bring your weapon to a hospital. Firearms are not allowed at any correctional facility. Furthermore, if you are at any professional, collegiate or high school sporting event, you may not bring your firearm.

If you are at a business that sells alcohol and makes more than half of its profit from doing so, you cannot have a weapon with you. This effectively restricts bars and liquor stores, as well as some other establishments.

Circumstances where guns are permissible

If you are a veteran of at least 18 years of age, or if you are older than 21 years, you may obtain your license to carry. In a vehicle, you may carry a loaded long gun anywhere, but you must have a handgun in a belt or shoulder holster.

This article is informative and is not to be construed as legal advice.