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Helping Your Child Feel at Ease in the Other Parent’s Home


Adjusting to a new Texas custody arrangement takes time for everyone involved, but you may find that the process is easier if you feel confident your child is comfortable and happy while staying with your ex. There are a number of things you might do to facilitate this and help ease your child’s – and your own – anxiety.

Per the Attorney General of Texas, you may be able to ease your child’s transition into a shared custody arrangement by taking the following steps.

Set Expectations

Kids tend to thrive when they have a regular schedule, so make sure your child knows when he or she is heading to the other parent’s home. This also gives him or her time to emotionally prepare.

Reassure Them

Before your child leaves for the other parent’s house, tell him or her spending time with both parents is important. Reassure your son or daughter that you are going to be just fine on your own and that he or she does not need to worry about you while away.

Decide How to Communicate

Set guidelines with your child’s other parent about when and how your child communicates with you while at the other home. Unless your child has a cell phone of his or her own, you might agree to nightly phone calls, email communications or what have you.

Try not to feel down if it takes time for your child to adjust to the new custody arrangement. By taking these steps, you may be able to help make your child’s transition that much easier and faster.