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How Can You Handle Finances With Your Co-parent?


When it comes to children, money is always a topic of conversation. You need to ensure that your children have adequate care and support. After a divorce, tracking finances may be difficult.

CNBC mentions working with your former spouse to come up with financial agreements.

Remember Your Divorce Decree

A divorce decree underlines you and your former spouse’s responsibilities. Before the divorce finalizes, make sure you and your spouse iron out every detail. The more details in the decree, the more of a guide you have for parenting post-divorce. If the two of you have disagreements in the future, you can look at the document and use it as a guidebook to follow.

It is normal to have some difficulty talking with your children’s other parent. Often, there are a lot of tense emotions between split parents. Sometimes it may be easier to use the decree and keep conversations limited and brief.

Discuss Your Finances

If you can talk amicably with your former spouse, then you can have in-depth conversations about finances. The two of you should discuss the costs you expect to see in the future, along with the costs that you face now. If necessary, you may need to revisit your divorce agreement. For example, if one of you has a change in income, the agreement may need to change to keep the split of finances equitable. If your spouse becomes invested in enrolling your children in private school but plans to pay those expenses, you may want it in writing.

It can be difficult to keep track of your finances. Try to use technology to your advantage. There is software available to help you track expenses and to create a budget. You can outline what you need to spend, in addition to what your spouse spends for your children.